Our Next Step

By Catherine Dorant

We’ve been wringing our hands for the past few months as we’ve decided on our next step as a business. For those of you who have gotten to know us at the shop, you may not know how we got our start. Coach House Plants started in 2017 as a design studio focused on bringing nature indoors. Our work partnered us with businesses around the city with the purpose of creating comfort amongst function. To us, plants were not just an afterthought, something to fill a corner with here and there. We knew they could truly change the dynamic of a space and make the people in that space feel better.

When lockdowns began in the Spring of 2020, our work of caring for and maintaining the plants in offices across the city came to a halt. We were terrified. A year that seemed destined to be our best yet by a long shot suddenly crumbled into a crisis. 

After taking some time to regroup, we decided to pick up where we left off. (Sort of.) Before lockdown, we were working out of a tiny (truly microscopic) studio in a shared space we were rapidly outgrowing. We had been planning to move into a space of our own, something larger where we could really spread out. In the summer, we decided to start looking again. When we found the spot on Western, we liked how unassuming it was. It wasn’t on a bustling pedestrian street, we figured we wouldn’t be bothered by curious passers-by trying to get into our workspace. We decided to sign the lease. 

Somewhere along the way, we started to think, ‘Well, if we’re going to be here somewhat regularly, we might as well have our doors open and try to sell a plant or two.’ By October, we were preparing to open a fully-realized shop with more than ‘just a plant or two’. We were going to give it a shot, see what happens. 

And it was lovely. We met countless neighbors, we made friends, we somehow had an inordinately large group of regulars who became our cheerleaders. We helped people choose their first plant or their 100th plant. Our flower bar grew from a few stems here and there to an eight foot table filled with a kaleidoscope of color. And as people came back together, we started to design weddings. Something that began as a timid experiment grew into a place for us to find our footing again. 

As our world has returned to whatever our new collective reality is, our work has morphed along with it. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to rededicate ourselves fully to our design work. As offices have slowly reopened and as people feel safer coming together, our plant projects have returned and we’ve taken on more weddings and special events. We’ve decided to pause the Coach House Plant Shop so that we can fully focus on this new chapter of our story. 

Our hearts are full with love for everyone who has played a part in making the shop a special place. It was our shelter during a raging storm. We wouldn’t be able to take this next step without your help along the way. 

Our doors will close to the public on Sunday, September 11th, and we hope to see each of you between now and then. You will still be able to get our bouquets at Totto's Market and we will still be offering flowers for limited delivery, pre-arranged pick-up, and subscription. We’ll share more details on all of that soon. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. 

- Michael, Cat, Dena, and Percy